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Hard Drives that self destructs by a text message command

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British Company SecureDrives achieved the impossible by manufacturing solid state hard drives that can self destruct on just one text message command.

The new hard drives namely Autothysis128s and Autothysis128t overrules the inability of the previous SSDs that just wiped the data but somehow still wasn’t fully secure as programmers could still explore the sectors and retrieve the data. To eliminate these possibilities, British Company has incorporated the self destruct mode that can be triggered remotely by sending a special message to a special self-destruct number.

The drive gets physically destroyed on initiation of self-destruction with the NAND flash chips and security controllers broken inside the drive’s enclosure. To ensure that the text message always get through , the drive has built in GSM capabilities and if the signal goes for quiet too long, the drive flushes itself.

The drive also self destructs if the casing is tampered with or the incorrect PIN is entered too many times. A low battery state or incorrect drive ejection also turns the drive to dust.

The Autothysis128s is priced at 967.00 pounds while the Autothysis128t comes at 1027 pounds. The difference between the two models is how they can be accessed.

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