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Nearly half of Apple mobile devices now running iOS 8

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It’s not just iPhone 6 that’s bigger. The world’s most advanced mobile operating system has made a huge leap too.

Alongside the release of 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus handsets, Apple also released the next version of its mobile operating system on Wednesday. Apple’s developer’s support page revealed the rapid pace at which iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch music players have been upgraded to the latest iOS software. By Sunday iOS 8 had been installed on some 46 percent of devices connecting to Apple’s App Store.

Last week, figures from multiple usage trackers suggested adoption of Apple’s latest mobile OS was off to a slower start than its last flagship update, which ushered in a major visual overhaul of the platform.


One factor that may have held back an immediate spike of adoption is Apple requiring users to have a large proportion of free space on their device to do an over the air update to iOS 8. Tethering to a computer during the update process circumvented this requirement.

This comes at a time when the 10-month-old Android KitKat is still working its way toward a quarter mark. According to Google’s own figures, Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ has a current distribution base of 24.5% after ten months and twenty-two days. It took Apple less than five days to overhaul those numbers.

The rapid adoption of iOS 8 will be a boon for developers. With a limited portfolio of devices and operating systems to consider, Apple suffers from less fragmentation than Android, but developers will be itching to focus on the new features and tools available in the iOS 8 SDK. The faster the user-base moves to the new system, the smoother an experience developers will have.

However, a number of users have experienced a variety of problems with the operating system’s initial release, including irregular battery drain, slow Wi-Fi, app crashes, and more.

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