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[UPDATED] Snapfish to be “snapped” by HP ??

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Hewlett Packard commonly known as HP prowls to put its online photo sharing service “Snapfish“on sale.

The service that HP procured for $300 million in 2005 has been a part and parcel of HP’s printing and personal systems group but HP’s recent convocations with private equities and industries apprise the Snapfish drift towards the verge of sale.

Citing an unnamed person(requested not to be named), who apparently has knowledge of the situation stated that HP co

nsiders Snapfish as a non-core product which is why it is considering selling it off. When further inquired, a spokesman of HP declined to comment.

Potential buyers who have expressed interest in Snapfish also happen to have their eye on other online photo sharing services such as Shutterfly that are similar to the one that HP is trying to sell.

HP turned down to comment on this report when contacted by the scribe, but if a deal does go through, everyone will get to hear about it through the official channel and definitely by us. We have contacted HP regarding this and will post back an update as soon as we get a reply.


HP responded in a nonchalant manner saying that they don’t comment on rumors and speculations. Well, seems there may be some truth to the fact after all or maybe this rumor has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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