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IBM comes up with new Data Analysis Tool

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International Business Machines Corp divulged its new tool powered by Watson Supercomputer to ameliorate thousands of companies in the market.

This decisive tool has the ability to collect companies’ internal data and  answer questions about performance and efficiency and predict outcomes.

As announced by IBM

The tool – the latest in a series of Watson products unveiled by IBM – will make more widely available data analytics capabilities long reserved for research scientists. The move is part of IBM’s effort to shift resources away from a slumping hardware sector into more profitable fields like cloud computing and analytics.

IBM last month launched Watson Discovery advisor, a tool scientists can use to identify patterns in data.

Watson Analytics clients can upload their business’ data and interrogate the tool personalized questions like, “Who are my most profitable customers?”

This new tool which uses artificial intelligence to quickly analyze huge amounts of data may ask several questions in return to follow up and culminate the future with visualisations( graphs and charts) that will enable the clients to study better.

IBM will equip Watson with geographic, industry and economic data that customers can use in conjunction with their own data.

The Watson tool will be made available to all the IBM users  in beta testing mode within the next month . The service will be free of cost for basic features while paid on the other hand for premium features.


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