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Technology finally providing some real “fitness” to masses as Scientists use Google Earth Engine to detect Malaria

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From years, technology has been aiding the healthcare world. Although more of our focus has been towards developing “fitness” bands and apps, scientists are now using technology, for eliminating some serious health hazards.

Scientists have been building up an online platform to predict the flow of Malaria. The new system uses the Google Earth Engine to map the malaria affected areas and judge the likely to be affected areas and provide aid accordingly. This may prove to be an efficient way of providing resources to countries which do not have effective means of treatment against this epidemic virus.

As far as statistics go, 600,000 people die every year because of this deadly virus. Medicines and technology together might bring that number down in the coming days. With this new idea, health workers will be able to target the exact areas even with low resources and push the world of malaria to dark.

Google Earth with around 40 years of world’s past Satellite images will enable the scientists to work with various tools to identify the change in the climatic conditions and the directions of virus thus hinting the health workers to prepare for the battle against Malaria virus. Elimination of Malaria needs years of preparation and treatment.


With all the data combined, Scientists would also be able to know the factor driving the virus to non-infected areas. The new system will be set up in Swaziland and South Africa. This new method of detection may also be adapted to detect other infections and viruses in countries, where most of the population is still inflicted with even more deadlier viruses and diseases than Malaria

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