[EXCLUSIVE] An early preview of Windows 9 : All you need to know

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Microsoft is all set to announce the much anticipated entrant into the Windows family, the Windows 9. Here’s the sneak peak of the operating system which is expected to be released in a preview event organized by Microsoft, towards the end of this month.

Despite rumors of an aggressive development, there’s no official word about what’s actually coming in the next version of Windows. We showcased a few leaked screenshots earlier this week. 

A new video has recently surfaced the web flaunting the new capabilities of Windows 9. The leaked video showcases a new exciting feature in Windows which might be known as Virtual Desktops. Virtual desktops are old hat for Linux and OS X, but they haven’t been a native option for Windows users. A Virtual Desktop can have its own open programs and short-cuts, independent of the other desktops. If a user tries to run an application that is already been running in one of the others virtual desktops, Windows will directly take you to the that virtual desktop.

The other new thing that we might see is the return of the user friendly start menu.The expected design is a collaboration of the old start menu with  windows live tiles clearly derived from windows 8 and 8.1.

image The Prodigal Son returns!

The leaked screen-shots and videos indicates that Microsoft might have created just an enhanced version of the already existing Windows 8 and 8.1, which is more likely designed to use the touch-screen capabilities of the new high end devices. Little is known about the new security fixes that Microsoft might introduce.

It looks like that Microsoft aims to completely replace the ticks and clicks devices of the present world by the touch devices. Despite Microsoft’s recent attempts towards the all in one touch-screen media systems, if we talk about the real world, everyone cannot replace their present devices with the new touch screen ones. It might disappoint the previous generation device users as they may get very little out of the new Windows 9.

In order to make this a compelling upgrade for its users Microsoft has to come up with more than a few enhancements especially when the adoption rate of Macintosh OS is at an all time high. As always, software and capabilities could change before the final release of Windows 9 , especially since the next version of Windows hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

What do you think of the upcoming Windows 9? Will it be worth the upgrade or will it take another iteration of Windows for Microsoft to realize its follies? Let us know!

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