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Apps 360 : InstaVoice isn’t “just another” messaging app, Take a look

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We hereby kick off our official app reviewing series, a weekly video Podcast named Apps 360. We’ll weekly review one new  app. You can also make app submissions by mailing us or comment below for the next app which you wish to see get grilled. Today we review, InstaVoice.

The verdict :

The app is pretty similar to WhatsApp and other IM apps, as far as basic functionality is concerned. But, the app scores over (even WhatsApp) due to the following features :

  • Multiple device login ( the most impressive feature )
  • Colorful and alive interface
  • Chat with freinds, who are not on Instavoice
  • Also send voice messages to non InstaVoice users.

We rate the app, a 3.8/5.0. Stay Tuned for more reviews, or suggest us an app via your very own, “Comment Box”.


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