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Worried about your beloved gadget’s warranty in India ? ZurePro has a fix for it.

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Does it take your breath away when the most prized possession of your life, i.e. your expensive smartphone drops off from the balcony and the warranty period has already expired ? Does it not give you nightmares just thinking about those hundred rounds that you will have to make to the mobile repair shop and the thousands of bucks that you will be wasting ?Zurepro, an innovative start-up provides the perfect solution for this problem. It offers Extended Warranty services for cell phones, tablets and cameras for a stipulated time period after the end of manufacturer’s warranty. This combined with insurance against Liquid, Fire and Accidental Damages and Theft of the device is their finished/polished service ZurePro Extended Warranty or ZEW. ZEW is a completely online process right from purchase to activation to enquiry to claims.

Did you ever imagine that you could actually get the money claim on the theft of your tablet? Amazing, right?


Incorporated in February 2012 in Mumbai, ZurePro Pvt. Ltd, is now amongst one of the fast growing start-ups of recent times. Founded by Prakhar Saxena and Mausumi Chakravorty, ZurePro provides protection to electronic devices in a highly efficient, secure and hassle-free manner. ZurePro has now expanded its reach to other major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Indore and others.


Customers can buy ZEW online from their website or from any of the online stores like Snapdeal or their nearest Retail stores at the time of purchase of the device. ZurePro uses an online activation process which they call VMS or Vendor Management System which enables them to activate warranty plans and track sales efficiently. Once part of the ZurePro, the customers device is protected completely till the end of tenure.

ZurePro offers door-step pick and drop services for claims, 7-days repair guarantee and 24×7 telephonic assistance. Customers need not go anywhere physically for claims over their warranties. All they need to do is register their claim in their ZurePro account using their unique customer ID and Password and witness the ZurePro-effect from home.

Basically, you can avail all services right from scratch without even leaving your house. The interest of youngsters in this start-up can be seen from the very fact that over 50 students from the best IITs and NITs were hired as marketing interns for a period of two months.

 Currently, as per an exciting offer, you can get your iPhone’s broken screen fixed, just for ₹ 1999 !

As for our review, this service has got some very serious potential. There are no such services, currently in India, and those of which who do provide, aren’t as convincing as ZurePro. Companies do provide extended warranty, but then, Indian customers, who prefer pocket-friendly schemes, do not go for that. In that sense, ZurePro is sure to grow, as it provides affordable, yet convincing warranty solutions.


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